ROYCO® LGF Red Landing Gear Fluid - 5 Gallon Pail

RoycoSKU: 58323780

About This Product

ROYCO® LGF Red is a specialized landing gear fluid meticulously formulated to provide optimal performance in aircraft landing gear systems. This red-colored fluid is designed to meet the rigorous requirements of aviation applications, offering exceptional lubrication, protection, and stability for landing gear components. Trusted for its quality, ROYCO® LGF Red ensures reliable performance, contributing to the safety and efficiency of aircraft landing gear operations. A trusted choice in aviation, ROYCO® LGF Red is the ideal solution for maintaining landing gear systems at their peak operational levels.

Product Details

5 Gallon Pail
Application Uses:
ROYCO LGF is specifically developed to improve ?slip stiction? and to alleviate ?ladder cracking? in landing gear struts due to sudden and severe shock loads encountered in these aircraft during landing.
ROYCO LGF RED meets all the requirements and is qualified under U.S. Military specification BMS3-32 Type 2 and DPM-6167.
Shelf Life:
Royco ROYCO LGF RED has a maximum recommended shelf life of 4 years from date of manufacture.

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