PPG Super Koropon 515-700 Green DMS 1786 TY I Comp A Spec Fluid Resistant Interior Epoxy Primer - 1:1 Gallon Kit

PPG Aerospace CoatingsSKU: 0515-700XXIKG22K

About This Product

Protect your aircraft's surfaces from corrosion and premature wear while priming them for epoxy application using PPG PRC-DeSoto Koropon Epoxy Primer 515-700/910-704 from . The two-in-one primer not only gets your aircraft ready for fluid chemical applications, ti also protects sensitive surfaces from ear caused by corrosion and other common hazards. The primer is easy to use and goes on smoothly, resisting most types of aviation fluids until fully cured. The primer has a green color for easy identification and is sold in a 1:1 gallon-size kit that is designed to be mixed just prior to use.

Product Details

Meets all the requirements of, and is qualified to DMS 1786 Type I Comp A
Shelf Life:
Has a recommended maximum shelf life of 1 year from date of manufacture

Additional Product Information

Schedule B:
DMS 1786 Type I Comp A

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