PPG DeSoto 825-009 BAC 5710 Aluminized Green Type 51 Spec High Temperature Urethane Primer - 2.25 Quart Kit

PPG Aerospace CoatingsSKU: 0825-009XXIKQ33K

About This Product

For a heat-resistant finish, choose PPG Aerospace DeSoto 825-009/910-175/020-044 BAC 5710 from . The aluminized green type high-temperature urethane primer is designed for use under urethane-based products and is a great choice for areas of the aircraft that are exposed to high heats. The primer allows the topcoat to better adhere to the surface of the aircraft, even when conditions are less-than-ideal. The high-temperature primer is sold in a 4:1:4 quart-size kit and is designed to be mixed just prior to use for maximum effectiveness.

Product Details

2.25 Quart Kit
Meets all the requirements of, and is qualified to BAC 5710 Type 51
Shelf Life:
Has a recommended maximum shelf life of 1 year from date of manufacture

Additional Product Information

Schedule B:
BAC 5710 Type 51

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