PPG DeSoto 512X310 Gray BMS 10-103/DHMSC4.01/MEP10-070/VMS C4.01 Specs Chrome-Free Epoxy Primer - 1:1 Gallon Kit

PPG Aerospace CoatingsSKU: 0512X310XXIKG22K

About This Product

Get surfaces ready for adhesives, epoxies and other liquid chemicals with PPG DeSoto Chrome-Free Epoxy Primer from . The two-part primer is urethane compatible, chrome-free and resistant to most types of aviation fluids. It has a wide service temperature range and works well in nearly any environment. The primer is light gray in color so it's easy to see where it has been applied, but it still blends in with surfaces. Once cured, the primer is compatible with a variety of topcoats, making it a great choice for most applications.Compatible with Desothane HS polyurethane topcoats and epoxy primersExceptional fluid resistanceCompatible with non-electrostatic spray equipmentCan be applied in many kinds of conditionsService temperature -65 degrees to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (-54 to 177 degrees Celsius)

Product Details

Meets all the requirements of, and is qualified to BMS 10-103 Rev. D Type I, Grade A
Shelf Life:
Has a recommended maximum shelf life of 1 year from date of manufacture

Additional Product Information

Schedule B:
BMS 10-103 Rev. D Type I, Grade A

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