LPS® 3 MIL-PRF-16173E Grade 2 Class I Brown Long-Term Premier Rust Inhibitor - Gallon Can


About This Product

LPS® 3 is a high-quality long-term premier rust inhibitor formulated to meet the MIL-PRF-16173E Grade 2 Class I specification. This specialized brown rust inhibitor offers exceptional performance in providing long-lasting protection against corrosion for a wide range of surfaces and components.

Key features of LPS® 3 Long-Term Premier Rust Inhibitor:

  • Rust Prevention: LPS® 3 is designed to create a protective barrier on surfaces, preventing moisture and environmental factors from coming into contact with metal surfaces and causing corrosion. Its long-lasting formula helps safeguard against rust for extended periods.

  • Versatility: This rust inhibitor is suitable for use on various substrates, including metal parts, equipment, machinery, tools, and more. It can be applied to both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

  • Grade and Class: LPS® 3 conforms to the MIL-PRF-16173E Grade 2 Class I specification, which defines rigorous standards for corrosion inhibiting materials used in various industries, including aerospace and military applications.

  • Application: The inhibitor can be applied using various methods, including spray, brush, or dip. It leaves a thin, waxy film that adheres to surfaces and provides consistent protection.

  • Non-Drying Film: LPS® 3 forms a non-drying film that remains flexible, allowing for easy removal when needed without leaving residue or damaging the underlying surface.

  • Brown Color: The brown color of the inhibitor provides visual identification of treated surfaces, assisting in quality control and maintenance procedures.

LPS® 3 Long-Term Premier Rust Inhibitor is a reliable solution for preventing corrosion on a wide range of surfaces. It is particularly valuable in environments where equipment is exposed to moisture, humidity, or harsh conditions that can accelerate rust formation. With its adherence to industry specifications and effective performance, LPS® 3 contributes to the longevity, reliability, and overall preservation of components and equipment.

Product Details

Gallon Can
Application Uses:
Aircraft fuselages Battery terminals Cables, chains, and pulleys Cargo sections Interior sections of vehicle doors Metal parts Pumps and hose assemblies
Is approved under Military Specification Mil-PRF-16173E Grade 2 Class 1
Shelf Life:
Has a maximum recommended shelf life of 10 years from date of manufacture.

Additional Product Information

Schedule B:
Mil-PRF-16173E Grade 2 Class 1

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