Electronic Metered Oil Control Gun

MacnaughtSKU: HG20F-012E-02

About This Product

Macnaught offers the HG20F-012E-02 highly accurate electric metered oil control with a flexible extension and automatic non-drip nozzle. The meter features a 6-digit totalizer and resettable batch total. It comes with a trigger guard, latching trigger and is fully serviceable. With a ½ inch NPT inlet and maximum working pressure up to 1000 psi this gun delivers a flow rate of up to 8 gallons a minute. Used for oil, ATF and antifreeze up to a maximum viscosity of SAE 140.

Product Details

4 × 7 × 14 in
Application Uses:
- Automotive - Truck & Bus - Lawn & Garden - Marine - Construction - Aviation
Shelf Life:
Includes 10 Year Warranty

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