Castrol® Brayco™ 300 Amber MIL-PRF-32033A Type I Class 1 Spec General-Purpose Water Displacing Lubricating Oil - Quart Can

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Castrol Brayco 300 is a specialized lubricating oil designed to meet the stringent MIL-PRF-32033A Type I Class 1 specification. This amber-colored oil is formulated to provide effective lubrication and water displacement properties for various applications. Complying with the MIL-PRF-32033A Type I Class 1 specification, Castrol® Brayco™ 300 Amber ensures reliable performance, protection, and corrosion resistance in challenging environments. Trusted for its quality, this lubricating oil is the ideal choice for maintaining equipment functionality, preventing water-related damage, and extending the service life of components. With its adherence to industry standards, it guarantees the integrity and performance of systems requiring water displacement and lubrication.

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Quart Can
Application Uses:
Brayco 300 is designed for the lubrication and preservation of small arms, automatic weapons, and fuse mechanism applications, especially where a low temperature, water displacing oil is desired. It may be used to protect unpainted metal surfaces from the effects of indoor storage for periods of three to six months, after which it remains readily removable.
Castrol Bryaco 300 meets all the requirements of, and is qualified to MIL-PRF-32033A Type I Class 1
Shelf Life:
Castrol Bryaco 300 has a maximum recommended shelf life of 6 years from date of manufacture.

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