Quality System Requirements

  • Responsibility for control of quality shall be clearly designated within the seller’s organizational The quality system shall provide for placement and training of inspection and other personnel who have an effect upon or are responsible for determining product quality. Formal certification of personnel for processes, materials, or other operations requiring special skills or training shall be maintained.
  • Seller shall maintain an effective Quality System based upon product complexity and contractual
  • Seller shall establish controls to prevent the use of non-certified / counterfeit parts. In the event counterfeit parts are discovered, the entire lot will be Seller shall provide and obtain for Buyer, Buyer’s customers, and appropriate regulatory agencies access to any and all facilities, including those facilities of Seller’s subcontractors, where work on Items is being performed or is scheduled to be performed under this Purchase Order (“PO”). Buyer shall have the right to perform in-process inspection, audits, and system surveillance at Seller and Seller’s subcontractors’ facilities as part of verification of conformance to the requirements of this PO at no cost to Buyer.
  • Seller shall maintain complete records of all manufacturing, inspecting and testing in connection with this PO. At Buyer’s election, such records shall be made available to the Buyer, Buyer’s Customers and/or appropriate regulatory agencies during the performance of this PO and for at least seven (7) years after completion of this PO or for such longer periods, if any, as may be specified elsewhere in this PO. Upon Buyer’s request, Seller shall forward such records to Buyer at no cost to Buyer. Seller shall require control of quality at all points necessary to assure conformance to this PO’s requirements, whether performed by Seller or by Seller’s sub-
  • Seller’s are hereby subject to inspection by the FAA or regulatory agency of any product or ACI-LUBESCO. Sales Corp. and its customer shall have the “Right of Entry” to review the procedure, process, records or material at the seller’s facility, including its subcontractor.
  • Seller shall flow down all ACI-LUBESCO. Sales Corp. PO requirements to all of their suppliers, and to their sub-tiers. Seller and their sub-tiers are responsible for compliance with all ACI-LUBESCO. requirements specified on the PO.
  • Seller’s documented quality system shall provide for the review of this PO to ensure that quality requirements are incorporated into manufacturing planning, and inspection and test instructions, as applicable, to assure compliance with this Unless otherwise authorized by Buyer in writing, upon request by Buyer, Seller shall provide all Seller records, reports, specifications, drawings, inspection and test results and other documentation.

Control of Processing Nonconforming Material and Corrective Action

  • Seller shall implement and maintain a system, which provides for identification, documentation, segregation and disposition of nonconforming material and shall ensure effective, positive corrective action is taken to prevent, minimize, or eliminate nonconformance. Seller’s system shall ensure that non-conforming material is not used for production
  • Seller shall maintain records of all nonconforming material, dispositions, assignable causes, corrective actions, and effectiveness of corrective actions for the period specified in this
  • Seller shall evaluate each nonconformance for its potential to exist in previously produced or delivered If a nonconformance exists, Seller shall notify Buyer, in writing, within 24 hours.
  • Buyer shall forward requests for corrective action, through a Corrective Action Request (“CAR”) form if required, to Seller when unsatisfactory performance by Seller and/or any of its subcontractors is detected by Buyer. Seller shall respond to all Buyer requests for corrective When requested by Buyer, Seller shall provide on Seller’s company letterhead, a response showing actions taken within their process to correct such nonconformity and action taken to preclude recurrences.
  • If Seller does not respond to Buyer’s CAR, within 30 days of receipt of the nonconforming item(s), the Seller shall be deemed to have accepted responsibility for the identified nonconformance. Payment under this PO may be withheld pending receipt and approval of the CAR by ACI-LUBESCO. Sales

Purchase Order Requirements

Expendables, Chemical, Fluids, Raw Material:

  • Order acknowledgement
  • Safety data sheet
  • Certificate of analysis/certificate of conformance
  • Packing list (trace) back to manufacturer
  • Material must have min 75% shelf life remaining, anything less needs written authorization

Non-Aviation Expendables, Chemical, Fluids, Raw Material:

  • Order acknowledgement
  • Safety data sheet
  • Certificate of analysis/certificate of conformance
  • Material must have min 75% shelf life remaining, anything less needs written authorization

Components P.O. Requirements:

  • Order acknowledgement
  • Original airworthiness tag
  • Original work order
  • Full trace documents
  • Non-incident statement
  • Warranty terms
  • Copy of all paperwork must be approved prior to shipping item

Additional Requirements For Both Lubricants And Components

  • No O.D.’s, partial shipments or alternates without prior authorization
  • All items subject to our inspection and acceptance

Additional Flow Down Requirements:

Process Changes:

  • ACI-LUBESCO. suppliers must advise in advance any changes to the process used to manufacture the product being supplied. All material must conform to the relevant drawing and technical specifications (including mil-specs).


  • Supplier will ensure that employees and people working on its behalf are competent and trained in accordance with the requirements of AS9120.

Employee Awareness:

  • ACI-LUBESCO. requires our suppliers to promote a culture of employee awareness of their contribution to product safety, product quality and the importance of ethical behavior.

Ethics and Business Conduct:

  • Supplier must be committed to the highest standards of ethics and business conduct. Supplier must comply with the law, act in good faith and be accountable. Supplier must adhere to all laws and regulations applicable to their business and customer relationships. Supplier will avoid any activities that could be perceived as a conflict of interest or intent to induce anyone to engage in unfair business practices. Supplier must comply with all import / export regulations and be fully ITAR

Supplier Performance:

  • ACI-LUBESCO. will score our suppliers based on Quality and on-time delivery each quarter. Suppliers who consistently fall below the 90% mark on the scorecard for 2 consecutive quarters will be reviewed at the Management Review meetings for increased actions at managements discretion. Any outcomes will be documented, maybe be issued Corrective Actions or placed on

For questions, please contact our Purchasing Department orders@acilube.com