1. Military: The military market involves supplying lubricants for various types of military aircraft, helicopters, and other defense-related aerospace equipment. These lubricants must meet stringent specifications and performance requirements to ensure optimal performance and safety in demanding military operations.

  2. MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul): MRO refers to the maintenance, repair, and overhaul of aircraft and aerospace components. ACI-LubesCo. supplies lubricants used by MRO facilities and technicians during routine maintenance activities, repairs, and overhauls to ensure the continued airworthiness and reliability of aircraft across different sectors.

  3. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer): The OEM market involves supplying lubricants for use in newly manufactured aircraft and aerospace components. ACI-LubesCo. collaborates with aircraft manufacturers and suppliers to provide lubrication solutions that meet the specific requirements and performance standards of original equipment installations.

  4. Commercial Airlines: Commercial airlines operate passenger flights for the general public. ACI-LubesCo. supplies lubricants for commercial aircraft fleets, including jet engines, landing gear systems, hydraulic systems, and other critical components, to ensure safe and efficient operations.

  5. Cargo Airlines: Cargo airlines specialize in transporting freight and cargo by air. ACI-LubesCo. provides lubricants for cargo aircraft used in freight transportation, including lubricants for cargo door mechanisms, cargo handling systems, and other components essential for efficient cargo operations.

  6. Corporate Aviation: Corporate aviation involves the use of private jets and aircraft by corporations for business travel and transportation. ACI-LubesCo. supplies lubricants for corporate aviation fleets, including lubricants for engines, avionics, and other systems to support the reliable and comfortable travel needs of corporate clients.

  7. General Aviation: General aviation encompasses a wide range of non-commercial flying activities, including private flying, flight training, aerial photography, and recreational flying. ACI-LubesCo. offers lubricants for general aviation aircraft, including small piston-engine airplanes and turboprops, to meet the lubrication needs of private pilots, flight schools, and recreational aviators.

  8. Helicopter: The helicopter market involves supplying lubricants for various types of helicopters used in military, commercial, and private sectors. ACI-LubesCo. provides helicopter-specific lubricants for rotor systems, transmissions, engines, and other critical components to ensure safe and reliable helicopter operations in diverse applications such as transport, emergency medical services, law enforcement, and offshore operations.