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MacNaught K54

MacNaught K54
SKU: macnaughtk54

K54 (14.5oz) The Power Pistol is an air operated grease gun providing the convenience of portability with effortless air operation. The gun is capable of operating at low air consumption, making it the ideal tool for use with trucks and buses utilising the air brake compressor.


One handed, single shot trigger operation supplied with 230mm (9") flexible extension (KF9) and KY coupler optional range of couplers and extensions available fully repairable 5 year warranty (conditions apply) 10 year parts availability.


Wetted components: aluminium, steel and nitrile rubber output: approx. 1cm³ (0.7gms) per shot pressure ratio: 50:1 (grease pressure is 50 times air pressure) max. air pressure: 120psi (recommended is 90psi) min. air pressure: 40psi compressor size: 1 cfm and upwards air inlet: ¼" BSP

Price: $98.99
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